Any public speaker’s success depends on the orator’s ability to attract the audience’s attention and further retain it for as much time as it is necessary to completely expound the necessary ideas. This simple objective is reachable only in case the following principles are observed.

1. The audience must be interested in the topic of the speech.

To be memorized, the speech should appeal to each listener in the audience and therefore topicality is the primary principle that should be taken into account when preparing a speech. Therefore, each speech is prepared on the basis of the previously collected information about the preferences and interests of the target auditorium.

2. The orator must use his fascination to persuade the audience.

He must believe unconditionally in the subject of his speech and in the same time he should expound his ideas as if they have just stricken his mind, despite the fact that the speech could be composed beforehand by the professional speechwriters. It is necessary to understand that the listener has a subtle perception of creativity and as soon as he will realize that the speaker does not believe in what he says or the idea is someone else’s words, the interest will fade instantly.

3. Emotional background is an important constituent of every speech.

It is necessary to maintain versatility during the process of speaking. The speaker must control rhythm, inflexion, pauses and accents. It is possible to keep the audience’s attention only in case the orator is able to maintain its emotional alteration.

4. Gestures and mimics of the orator must be natural.

Although it is hard to formulate the universal advice in this case. However, it is possible to say with utmost certitude that hesitating speaker is given out by his body. Successful orator does not merely control the process of speaking, but also watches his gestures and mimics, remaining inwardly emancipated.

5. The orator must be sincere.

Advanced techniques of public speaking and any other manipulations are worth nothing without sincerity.