Sample Graduation Speech: Gratitude to Phoenix University

Dear friends, we have gathered here today to celebrate our graduation. It is momentous event, because it marks the ending of the whole era of your lives. Years at university were special, because they helped us to become individuals we are today. Personally I am sure that without that precious experience my life would be something completely different. I would not have such features of character as determination, self-confidence, purposefulness and commitment. I can state this clearly: my university helped me to become a person I am now. Special thanks are to my learning team members who helped me a lot, guided and supported me. It was due to their backing that I completed my undergraduate degree in about three years, then took two weeks off and immediately started pursuing an MBA. I succeeded, and tonight I am standing in front of you. I am graduating with the feeling of deep satisfaction. I worked a lot and my efforts gave something more than just an MBA status. It is skills and knowledge and invaluable experience. Instructors challenged us with the enormous tasks, stating that their subject is the most important and only it will be of use in our future career. Well, I should say this is true. I can hardly remember a book or a project which I can call unnecessary today. The university environment was like the model of the society in miniature. There were ups and downs but now I am ready for the real world waiting outside the university walls. You know, sometimes I felt frustrated, because it was difficult enough. There was everything: sleepless nights, fatigue and even disappointment about the way I have chosen. But those were transient emotions evoked by much studying and lack of rest sometimes. It has been a challenge getting education, and many times I though of giving upBut those were only the thoughts, because I can’t imagine my life without that precious experience, knowledge and skills obtained in my university years. Often I was proud of myself because I was strong enough to overcome all obstacles and succeed. I obtained true satisfaction from getting new knowledge and becoming someone greater than just a student. I was an excellent student. Maybe, my grades were not always perfect, but I knew it for myself that I am an excellent student who can cope with any task and solve any problem. I did my best to get as much from my education as I could. This was my victory over the challenges I faced on my way. If I could do this, you can do it as well. Because, you know, tutors, instructors and academic advisors are not the only factor of student success. Much depends on a student himself. Great desire, enthusiasm and striving for academic success contribute to the student achievements. Thus, I understood that no one but you can bring you to the top. Academic environment and people are important factors, but not the only. By the way, they are quality and sufficient at Phoenix University. Academic staff and academic environment are wonderful at this university, and I will remember the days of my studying here as the most valuable and quality years in my life. So, I can’t describe my happiness and enjoyment today, when I am graduating with an MBA. It is not about getting the diploma as the certificate of my status. It is rather satisfaction from having the material evidence of my precious experience gained in the years of studying at Phoenix University. I want to thank you all again. I hope that you weren’t too tired of my speech. These were my heartfelt emotions. I want Phoenix University to be proud of its graduates. I will do my best to demonstrate that world outside that Phoenix University graduates are the best specialists a business can have. Good luck, fellows! Let’s show them who we are! Thank you.

Marco Douglas