Sample Motivational Speech: Learn Ukrainian!

Do you know the second most melodious language of the world? Most of you can fluently speak French and a couple of other European languages. So, whenever the question arises about the melodious language, we eagerly switch to the renowned language of Baudelaire, Verlaine and Rimbaud. But do you know the second most tuneful language which is frequently compared to the song of a nightingale and the rustle of wind in the grove? Do you know what language is spoken in the geographical center of Europe (and where is it situated)? Can you guess what the meaning of words “palianitsia” and “bereza” is? Have you ever tasted “deruny” or “chanaha”? Finally, would you like to read the enchanting verses by great Romantic poet in original? I won’t torture your curiosity by asking more questions. Those who are interested will find out the answers in the course of Ukrainian language. For the song of a nightingale and the wind in the leaves associated with Ukrainian language, geographical center of Europe is located in Cherkassy, 200 km far from Ukrainian capital Kyiv… Remaining answers are reserved for those who will now write down their surnames on the sheet of paper and start learning this fascinating East-Slavonic language. My personal experience in learning and teaching shows that such decision has never been a disappointment, during my whole 10-year long lecturing experience. This language is difficult for foreigners due to complex grammar, but upon mastering it you will be able to enjoy using words that contain music in themselves. You will be able to read poems by Taras Shevchenko or master any other language from the Slavonic linguistic group. As for the practical benefits, I think it’s enough to mention that Ukrainian Diaspora in Canada includes up to 1 million people; as for more local perspectives, the University of Toronto is maintaining long-time friendly relationships with Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, and enthusiasts are always welcome for an amicable sight-seeing tour, academic research or even recruitment as a lecturer. Evidently, fluent Ukrainian is highly desirable in this case. My offer is quite challenging, for only learning Ukrainian is a tough, although worthwhile experience. Only the most motivated and the most hard-working can accept this challenge. But let me assure you that those who will give a try will find out that the “journey itself is the reward”(3). Brave-hearts, come to the front desk right now and enter you surname into the list – and see you next Thursday at 8-30. As for the other students, let me thank you for your attention. Good-bye!

Marco Douglas