Sample Demonstration Speech: Ceiling Fan

Today we will learn how to install a ceiling fan. The ceiling fan can become a real rescue in hot days. Ceiling fan is not so difficult to install if you know the principles of installation. So, now we will learn to do this. First of all, you should choose the place where the fan will be located. It is recommended that the ceiling fan is placed in the center of the ceiling, as far as it allows the flows of air spread all over the room. The next step is the identification of the blade clearance. So, you should measure the distance from floor to ceiling and distract the height of the fan. The distance of not lower than 7′ is recommended. After that, you should mount the ceiling fan.

This is the most responsible part of the installation: 1. you should turn off the power to prevent the electrical strike from happening; 2. then you should identify the center of the ceiling – if there was not light fixture in the center, you should identify it by yourself. Mark two cross lines on the ceiling from each of four corners of the room. The place where they cross is the center of the ceiling. 3. you should install the junction box. In some cases it can be screwed to the joist. Otherwise, the box should be put into the hole cut particularly for this case; 4. the next step is the installation of the hanger brackets. They have to be installed in the box with the help of screws and washers; 5. then, wire the unit. Remember that white house wires should be connected to the white fan wires, while the black house wires should be connected to the black fan wires.

6. at last, the fan should be electrically grounded to both the fan and the metal box.

Turn it on! If there is some wobbling, be advised that the blades are unbalanced and this should be corrected. You can change two adjacent blades or check the weight of each blade. If some is lighter, increase its weight with some small object put to the center of the blade. Reinstall fan and use it!

Marco Douglas