Sample Informative Speech: Depression

Depression is a psychological state that is hard to cure, hard to live with, and hard to endure. A depressed person lives in a nightmarish world, darkened by pessimism and dulled by unwillingness to act. This devastating and destructive state has a negative impact on the individual. It drains energy, evaporates optimism and enthusiasm, and paralyzes hope. It distorts the world and substantially reduces the pleasure of living. It may lead to repetitive suicidal thoughts that can end in self-destruction. I have consulted psychological literature to give you some tips how develop a step-by-step program to overcome depression.

People suffer from depression for many reasons. They become depressed when all they do seems to become a failure. They get worried about their inability to realize their plans. They get shelled in loneliness. They get nervous and easily irritated. They find their lives unstable and hopeless. They lack safety and become vulnerable to outside influences. Depression is a hazardous state, especially when you allow it to invade your body and mind. As soon as you realize that something is wrong with your state of mind, turn to help without hesitation.

Now, I will give you some anti-depression tips. First of all, stay focused on what you are doing. Start with a small goal and fulfill it: go to a shop, take a short walk, or make a telephone call. Just start taking action and stick to doing it. Second, develop supportive relationship, turning to people who love you and whom you love. Refrain from retreating into yourself, sharing a meal, emailing, accompanying your friend to the movies, confide in a counselor or clergy member. Third, get interested in your own life. For this, have eight hours of sleep, practice relaxation techniques, and go easy on yourself. Why not to practice yoga or tai chi? Why not to introduce a meditative element to your life? Fourth, get regular exercise. Fifth, eat healthy food. Sixth, avoid negative thinking and negative emotions. Finally, ask for help if you cannot overcome your depression without outside aid.

Now, you must embark on the road to depression recovery. Remember: action is the best anti-depressant for you. Look at the world from a new perspective: integrate into it on equal terms. Life is given only once, and you have no time to waste it. Not a single moment to spare! As soon as the world starts changing, you will keep a stronger touch with it. You will realize that inward problems are mainly our own creations, our own illusions, our own misunderstandings. Share your doubts with the world, and you be understood in return. It is easiest to shut your heart and pretend that loneliness is desirable. A white lie! Out of depression – to communicate with people – to establish relationships – and depression will quietly go away! I do not think it will be welcomed again!

Marco Douglas