Sample Informative Speech: Olympic Games

Less than a year is left to enjoy the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games. Sustainability has become a credo of the Olympic movement since the 1990s. The forthcoming event is not an exception. The “Green games” concept is what I would like to clear up, welcoming the idea of the Olympic competition built to high environmental standards. This concept implies the existence of a green sports fan, capable of enjoying the drama of competition without damaging nature.

The 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games would gather together lots of fans from all over the world who in their enthusiasm are not too friendly to the environment. Yet, when the event is over, the place should look as it was before this invasion of sports fans. How do we all care for the host place and how is the nature of Vancouver is integrated into the event so much expected? I have consulted the available websites to inform you about all preparations, hopes and potential problems. First, I’ll dwell upon the green policies promoted by the International Olympic Committee. Second, I’ll inform you how sustainability will be implemented at Olympic stadiums.

Sustainability can be promoted through sports. The 8th World Conference on Sport and Environment, held ten days ago in Vancouver, emphasized innovation and inspiration in the global Olympic movement. Highly representative, this conference held that the National Olympic Committees play an important role in the sports’ involvement in sustainable development. By this, sports and environmental protection get united as powerful aspects of global sustainable interventions.

Vancouver is preparing for the games, building new stadiums, hotels, improving the infrastructure system, and arranging cultural programs. Technological advances will be felt everywhere for the pleasure of both athletes and sports fans. Each sports event wants to be serviced in the best possible way. Canadians love winter sports. I am sure Vancouver will be full of pleasant surprises.

Athletes are important role models who inspire youth involvement in sports and encourage action. The idea of “green games” gives a new turn to the Olympic movement. It promotes global consciousness of sustainable development which becomes one of the leading policies of Olympic Games. The Olympic movement is not only fascinating and spectacular competition. Olympic Games unite all people, irrespective of nationality, ethnicity, race, and social status. It brings about a strong, positive feeling of pride for the country and for the whole world, as well as gives us all hope that peace will dominate globally. Olympic Games is always a holiday, a celebration of being one humankind, young, and competitive. I hope Vancouver will make known the new names of bright sportsmen known and adored around the world. Olympic Games can make wonders, presenting different countries to sports fans worldwide.

Marco Douglas