Sample Persuasive Speech: Human Cloning

Human cloning involves many social, moral, and ethical considerations. It may be useful to experiment with goat, pig, deer, rabbit, rat, cat, mule, and horse clones, but the scenario of human cloning chills my enthusiasm. I would like to state my position: no to commercialized human cloning, we have made enough mistakes, and I am personally not ready for such trials of my humanity. Human cloning is perverse, abnormal, unhealthy and unnecessary. It is an unjustifiable waste of human and material resources. I am happy that cloning efforts have statistically high failure rates. The more failures, the less attractive the idea may be to those who want to be Nobel Prize winners. As for me, human cloning is similar to nuclear weapons, dangerous in the hands of potential terrorist clones. Human cloning is a controversial issue that is becoming one of the hot debatable subjects. I have studied websites to find out what people think of a designer human being. The opinions are divided. Some people are for human cloning as an emotional compensation for our lives’ naturally ending in deaths; others are horrified with this unhealthy idea.

Would you support the idea of cloning yourself? Why are investors moving away from human cloning?

California was the first state to ban reproductive cloning. Arkansas, Connecticut, Indiana, Iowa, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Rhode Island, and some others followed it. Arizona and Missouri have restrictions on the use of public funds for cloning. Maryland prohibits the used of state stem cell research funds for reproductive cloning. Several states ban therapeutic cloning and cloning for research purposes. Virginia prohibits the possession of the product of human cloning.

Human cloning is not clearly defined as a human being. It is a created human life whose nucleus was transferred from a human cell. This unclear definition is purposeful, since it does not say directly whether a human clone is like us or not. I do not know why, but for me human cloning is associated with another creature of the same kind that would completely lack morality and ethics.

I will sign up for an anti-human-cloning campaign. But the more I think about my growing old, the more doubts I have. Who wants to lose a promised paradise of eternal, even clone-like existence, without thorough considerations? I am not sure, whether I have enough strength for that.

Marco Douglas