Sample Persuasive Speech: Single parent adoption (yes/no)

Single parent adoption may seem to be a trendy decision, since females are too independent to get married and too busy to give birth to a child of their own. When the time for birth-delivering activities is lost and middle-age loneliness may be frightening, females may think of single parent adoption. They are eager to experience this fatherless and abortive motherhood. In the past, women escaped from loneliness devoted all love and care to pets, dogs or cats. Times have changed, as well as the objects of love originated from loneliness. An adopted child wants to hear the lullaby sung by mom and dad, tied to a healthy family, not just a household. Such a child desperately needs strong family bonds, not companionship. Have you ever thought of single parent adoption as the reality of your life? A single adoptive parent, unlike a single divorced parent, bears the burden of a single responsibility when raising an adopted child. Adoptive singles, unlike divorced parents, cannot create a feeling of a family tie, for they single-handedly serve their parenthood. If something happens to an adoptive parent, an adopted child will have to overcome a very traumatic experience. Single parents are under the pressure of not being able to handle on their own the duties of single adoption. Single adoptive fathers are very few because agencies prefer two-parent families or single adoptive mothers. Single parents are better educated and have a higher socio-economic status than many other parents. They have commitment to parenthood which they could not realize as first parents. This commitment drives them to adopt a child whom they can give a new home. An adopted kid has all love of an adoptive parent, and loves this parent in return. A traditional two-parent family is ideal for an adopted child. In a single adoptive parent’s household, an adopted child may experience emotional and psychological problems. Single parent adoption is a way out for adopted children, since to have a parent is better than not to have such a parent. Single adoption is a human act that unites generations and makes life a meaningful interaction between an adopted child and an adoptive parent, not alone anymore. Whatever minuses of single adoption, let people commit this act of family building to be happy with their adopted kids. Keep from criticizing single parent adoption. It is a brave and respectful decision, isn’t it?

Marco Douglas