Christmas Speech

Definition A Christmas speech is given to celebrate Christ’s nativity and living of all Christians in Jesus Christ.


Introduction: creating the atmosphere of the miraculous event that is one of the greatest holidays in Christianity. Main body: Shared memories of Christmas time in the past. A Christmas story. Hopes and expectations. God’s grace. Conclusion: Blessings.

Topics/basic concepts

Stories from the scripture that describe the birth of Jesus Christ, memories of other Christmas celebrations that are dear to the speaker and may be shared by the listeners. The basic concepts are nativity, salvation, and redemption, the centrality of Jesus Christ in the Christian faith, love for God and neighbors.


Pathos that glorifies Jesus our Lord, allusions to the New Testament, emotional coloring, warmth and openness of expressed feelings, continuity, memories of the dead. The stylistic devices include parallel constructions, allusions to the Bible, metaphors, and epithets.

Marco Douglas