Declaration of love (engagement)

Declaration of love (engagement) Declaration of love is very romantic experience. As a rule, a man declares his love and desire to live with this wonderful woman till their dying day. However, exceptions also happen. We will consider the traditional engagement when a man asks his beloved about her feelings and intentions. But first we will look at some engagement traditions in various cultures.

When. The best time of day for declaration of love is evening. This is because everyone is more relaxed in the evening and tuned on romantic mood. If you succeed in creating appropriate atmosphere in the morning or at noon, go ahead!

As for the time in figurative meaning Sometimes even the first problems on the horizon may demonstrate the unattractive features of character of your lover, and not every person can endure his. Love fades in the face of cowardice, dishonesty, intolerance and other drawbacks. Tolerance and understanding, and not only love, acquire the greatest importance. That’s why, it is essentially important to make your choice having thought-out everything well. Of course, marriage nowadays is not necessarily forever, but the wrong choice may cost you a happy life. So, deciding whether it is time to declare you love, answer the following questions: 1. Are you ready to spend your life with this person and love her in her old age? 2. Will you condone her shortcomings and praise her merits? 3. Can you imagine your life together in case of some drastic changes in your lifestyles? 4. Do you know each other well enough?

Where and How. The questions of where and how are associated. For instance, if you decide to declare your love to your beloved at the seaside, the most romantic will be the declaration on the shore. You can find some secluded corner, or maybe rent a house on the shore. When she comes, she sees a beautiful picture: a table served for two, many candles not only on the table, but all around, even on the sand. Her way to this table is strewed with rose petals. You are welcoming her with the gorgeous bouquet of flowers. You are holding a real shell, in which an engagement ring is placed. When the appropriate time comes, you ask her to open it.

Helpful sites: If your choice is to declare your love in some extreme environment, possible variants may be the skydiving – there is no need even in some special declaration, just tell her “I love you and I want you to be my wife on the earth and in the sky”, or something of this kind. Milder variant is the scuba diving – it can be more romantic and less dangerous. You can “find” an engagement ring among the seaweeds or on coral reefs. Your future bride can also find her engagement ring in the parcel, which she receives from you; besides the ring, you should put a flower and a letter explaining your feelings and intentions. Very simple, but not less romantic variant is to attach the ring to the gorgeous bouquet and to hand it to his bride-to-be.

Above-mentioned were the private declarations of love, that is nobody beside you two takes part in the engagement. However, the engagement can also be made in public. The public declarations are better to be conducted only if you are completely confident in her positive answer. Otherwise, this will be a great blow to your dignity. One of the most traditional and at the same time intimate ways of declaration of love is declaration in front of the relatives and friends. The best way is to establish a special party. It can also be a surprise, in this case the actual aim of the party should be veiled by the reason of birthday or some other important event. However, you should be sure that your beloved will perceive this adequately. The official marriage proposal can also be made after you have declared your love to her, and now you want to ask the permission of her parents. You can bring presents to them as the expression of your gratitude for their daughter. Wider public is available in some TV show, when you declare your love on air; in radio broadcasting; on the board of the airplane; in a small theater, when you agree with all the actors that you’ll go on stage with your beloved in the end of the play. In any case, the declaration of love will lead to successful engagement if you know your partner well and can anticipate her reaction to any of your scenarios.

Marco Douglas