Eulogies and Memorials Writing Guide


A eulogy/memorial speech.


1. The introduction is straightforward, for example: “Shaun Kane was a dear friend of the family” or “I knew Shaun Kane briefly, but he cannot be forgotten”. The traditional beginning is: “Dearly beloved, we are gathered here…” The purpose of the introduction is to establish the speaker’s relationship with the deceased individual upfront.

2. The body of the speech selects several items about the deceased individual with the purpose of enlightening the listeners about the deceased individual’s positive attributes and achievements.

2.1. An amusing story.

2.2. An inspiring story.

2.3. An emotional story.

3. The conclusion reiterates the points that were made in the introduction and the body of the speech.

Topics/basic concepts

Attributes and achievements of the deceased individual, his or her relationship with the speaker and the impact of that relationship on the speaker. Basic concepts: love, memory, fruitful life, contributions to the community, family, and friends.


The speaker has a tremendous amount of responsibility during his speech. He or she is in grief, like others, but has to view human life from the perspective of a path completed here on earth. Great respect and tact are required to pay a tribute to the deceased individual and to make the listeners realize how meaningful his or her existence was to the speaker.

Marco Douglas