Free Charity Speech Writing Tips


The charity speech informs about fundraising, expresses gratitude for sponsors and donators, and attracts new ones.


Introduction: informs why the speech is delivered and on whose behalf. Attention getter.

Main body:

1) Informs about the results achieved. 2) Illustrates how the results were achieved. 3) Explains why fundraising activity is important to the community and how it contributes to it.

4) Makes future plans.

Conclusion: announcements of future meetings and fundraising programs.

Topics/basic concepts

Any fundraising issues that may contribute to the local community, to a particular group of people at home and abroad. Charity is always viewed as a noble mission of expressing goodwill, compassion, support, friendship, readiness for help. The charity speech is based on the concepts of love, faith in justice, equity, peace, and happiness.


Uses statistical data to inform about the money donated, informs about the fundraising organization, and attracts new sponsors. Resorts to the reinforced ideas, parallel constructions, chain repetitions to create an effect of emotional and spiritual unity among the members of the audience. The speech avoids declarative statements.

The speaker uses formal language.

Marco Douglas