Free Layout Speech Writing Guide


A layout speech gives someone directions or explains the location of a place. It tells the audience where the things are, what their size and shape is. The speech is successful when the audience can find their way round the place that is described by the speaker.


1. Stating what directions will be described (may be repeating what was asked to make sure that no mistake would be made).

2. Instruction: Step-by-step direction to the place in question.

3. Recommendations of practical character in case the listener is lost again.

4. Some words of farewell.

Topics/basic concepts

The main topic is the location described by the speaker, and directions (on the right, on the left, straight ahead, and the like) that would help locate the place. Basic concepts: place, destination, location in relation to other places or objects.


Gestures are used to emphasize what is being said. As it is not a formal kind of speech, it depends on the speaker what language is chosen.

The speech may contain short sentences, imperatives, adverbs, repetitions.

The speech is informative and instructive.

Marco Douglas