Free Sample Acceptance Speech: CEO Award

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen! It is a great honor for me to stand here today. I am sincerely grateful for this nomination and I am pleased to accept the CEO of the Year Award. I want to thank all who worked with me to make this event happen. I clearly realize the scale of this project and this makes me even more proud of this achievement. I want to pay a tribute to those more than two hundred CEOs from global energy companies who were nominated for this award. Particular tribute is to my potential competitors, eight other finalists. They all are devoted professionals who deserve this award just as I do. So, I want to thank them, because I am really proud to be put to the same row. You know, this award is also special to me because I turn out to be one of few CEO of the Year winners from Asia. So, there is also some national proud for my part.

My company is oil and gas company with investments in E&P, refining, and petrochemicals via affiliated companies. Just like the majority of you, being involved in business which is one of the most important for the country’s economic wealth, I am concerned over energy prices and energy security. Our country essentially depends on the oil and gas imports and exports. In today’s situation of the global economic crisis it is essential to entrust the oil and gas business sphere to the professionals who will contribute their quality work and enthusiasm to the matter of economy boosting. Energy security is also the issue of utmost importance with which the professionals should be charged. The awards lie this one highlight the best specialists in the area and thus help to improve overall economic situation in the country.

Again, I deeply appreciate this nomination, and I am flattered to be the part of it. In the last decade the CEO of the Year Award became the hallmark of excellence in energy business. Every person dealing in this sphere strives for the Award. Now I am one of the Award winners. I am completely happy. Thank you!

Marco Douglas