Free Sample Inspirational Speech

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce you the Student of the Year! He is a 6th grade student. I am very glad to have such student in my class. First of all, my special thanks to the family of this student. I want to pay tribute to these people, because the play outstanding part in the life of my student. There is no secret in the fact that favorable environment is essential in the formation of the excellence in students. When a student has support at home, when his family loves and cares for him, there is already fifty percent of success for a student. In the most difficult times of our lives we turn to our family. If it helps, we renovate our strengths and go further. In my class I see that families of all students do their best to help their children, but the family of this student is particularly concerned about his academic success. They try to create the friendly and favorable atmosphere which is the most helpful for studying. I think that they can already deliver lectures about how to create favorable environment for student academic success. These lectures would be useful for many parents.

As I have already mentioned, about fifty percent of academic success of the student are due to the proper support of the family. But what about the rest? Certainly, this is the most important part of the student success. About fifty percent of the success belongs completely to the student. I can tell you, that this student has a great potential. He is very strong in his moral values and his will is strong as well. I have that happy chance to watch his studying: while he is reading a book or is working over some project. There is a satisfaction shining inside of him. He obtains a great pleasure from studying. He is responsible, and this feature will be of essential importance for him in future. He can serve as an example to many adults who are not always as responsible as this student. This student demonstrates essential academic success and can be awarded with the Student of the Year due to his “professional” (meaning studying) and personal qualities.

He is caring, demonstrates friendly attitudes to other students and always strives to help others. This is a sign of the outstanding person. He has friendly relationships with his peers and respects elder people. Various people in his surroundings characterize this student as very pleasant, caring and attentive person. As a teacher I can emphasize character features which are especially important for studying: his strength of will and diligence. He always tries hard, works a lot and never gives up. He is really strong individuality. Such students are the dream of any teacher. Aristotle stated, “we are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit”. I completely agree with this saying and emphasize that this student is habitually excellent. He does not strive for recognition; he focuses on the real and true values and contributions he can make. He is a citizen and I am sure he will benefit our society with his qualities and achievements.

I am honored to have such wonderful student in my class. I am sure he will serve as positive example to his classmates. His strength, aspirations, and enthusiasm will benefit his future studying and career. I am grateful to the family which has raised such outstanding student. To conclude, I want to mention the words of famous scientist Albert Einstein, who said, “Try not to become a man of success but a man of value”. It does not matter what is your position in the society and how many regalia do you have. The most important is to be someone who brings quality to society, who contributes his efforts, skills and knowledge to improve one’s life and the lives of other people. I am sure this student will strive for bringing true value and that’s why I believe he is worthy of the award the Student of the Year.

Marco Douglas