Free Writing Guide for Anniversary Speech


An anniversary speech is a speech presented at an anniversary of a happy/tragic event in a family (e.g. a wedding anniversary), in a company (e.g. anniversary of General Motors), in a country (e.g. Independence Day).


Every anniversary speech is unique. In fact, the generic term of an “anniversary speech” unites different types of speeches dedicated to different occasions. Still it is possible to find some general parts of an anniversary speech:

1) Welcoming guests;

2) Briefly dwelling upon the occasion;

3) Restoring the historical background of the occasion (e.g. a creation of some organization, etc.) (a diachronic approach)/ providing an emotional recollection of some details of the tragic/happy event (a synchronic approach);

4) Making a timeline (of some events, activities, achievements, situations of success);

5) Identifying the impact of one’s activity, etc., especially when it resulted into some considerable changes (e.g. in the public perception of some phenomenon, etc.);

6) Enumerating future trends connected with the development of some long-term initiative, etc.;

7) Finishing the speech with a parting wish or a toast.

Topics/basic concepts

An anniversary as a public event is itself a demonstration of stability and fruitful development, a celebration of valid principles. To this end, “stability”, “development”, “results”, “memory” are basic concepts of a traditional anniversary speech.


General requirements of logical structuring and emotional representation are applicable to an anniversary speech.

Marco Douglas