Impromptu Speech

Definition The impromptu speech is given without any preparation, any notes or other additional materials; it is a spontaneous reaction to the topic at hand which may introduce an interesting turn to the discussion.


Introduction: spontaneous. Launch one or two of the new initiatives within the topic area. Describe each initiative in detail, giving equal time and energy to them. Discuss how your viewpoint will benefit to the audience. The conclusion may be in the form of a question to inquire whether not anything was lost.

Topics/basic concepts

The topic area discussed; involves active participation of the audience in the discussed topic. Basically, the impromptu speech initiates a new idea, a new angle of analysis, and the like. The topic area is limited and the audience is prepared to discuss it in detail.


The speaker responds spontaneously to the problem that suddenly becomes of interest to her or to him. He or she participates in the discussion of the disputable matter to weigh different points of view and to give an answer to the dilemma. The speaker may orchestrate the audience’s opinion. The speaker resorts to repetitions, rhetorical questions, logical returns to the same idea, and parallel constructions. The speaker invites the audience to participate in the discussion, to agree or disagree with his viewpoint.

Marco Douglas