Informative Speech: Social Networks

In a borderless culture, networking has cultural mobility. Social networking guarantees communication, interaction, and social exchange of ideas, beliefs, and opinions without leaving your home. It becomes a remedy from loneliness and boredom. Social networking websites are numerous. You may be surprised at their huge number of users. The giants are Window Live Spaces (120 million registered users), hi 5 (80 million users, and (70 million users). These are global networking websites that provide Internet users with a great variety of Internet services. The other popular websites are (51 million users), Netlog (42 million users), Bebo (40 million users), Linkedin (35 million users), Odnokashniki (30 million users), Sky Rock (22 million users), Imeem (21 million users), Mixi (20 million users), Black Planet (20 million users), Live.Journal (18 million users), Xiaonei (15 million users), Plaxo (15 million users), and Bado (13 million users) (Wikipedia, referenced information). You might have already chosen one of these popular websites.

However, small social networking websites may be not less interesting to you. I will inform you of, which is a live webcam social network. I will rely on this website’s materials. provides its users with a wide range of services, including Broadcaster News created by Becky Bain, Seth Goldsmith, Andy Ryz, and Michael Miller. The daily show’s hostess is Amy Paffrath who features the latest gossip, red carpet events, music news, and the like. The site’s users may exchange their opinions in chat groups, create personal profiles, post pictures, and have a feeling of belonging that they need so much. Broadcaster is an entertainment community of about one hundred thousand users, ten percent of whom are logged in. Broadcaster filters out all the crap on YouTube and helps creators find their audience. Broadcaster views itself as the next generation community site that would outdo YouTube or MySpace in quality and popularity. It personalizes its users’ profiles, helping them create original podcasts, videos, and live webcasts, as well as offers tools edit videos, such as Studio Pro. Broadcaster distributes SD content as a credit card processor. You may find the website you have been looking for so long.

Social networking have gained popularity with Internet users. Although we have our favorites, it is always good to try new options, like Surfing the Internet is very time-consuming. Good advice about social networking is what we all desperately need.

Marco Douglas