National Wedding Traditions: Chinese Wedding

Chinese Wedding Traditions Chinese ancient wedding traditions are not strictly followed nowadays. However, some of them are accomplished even today. Thus, the initiation of wedding is started by sending three letters. The first is the request letter, which implies that the groom’s family requests marriage from the groom’s family. The second is the gift letter, which marks the sending of presents to the bride’s family on the eve of wedding. The last, wedding letter, is sent on the wedding day, and implies the acceptance of bride to the new family. The wedding is usually arranged with the help of the matchmaker. The proposal is usually made by the family of a groom-to-be, and the decision is made by the parents, while the future engaged might not even know each other. If the girl’s family accepts the proposal, they send her date of birth to the groom’s family, so that the latter cast the horoscope; if a boy and a girl are compatible, then wedding preparations start. Engagement gifts are sent to the bride’s family. Tea is traditionally the most valuable present. The day of wedding is determined based on the horoscope cast especially for this event. It should be the day ensuring the happiest future for the new family. Chinese astrology seems to be the main principle, according to which Chinese people used to live. The wedding ceremony itself involves several parts: wedding procession, welcoming the bride, wedding ceremonies and wedding reception party. The wedding procession is the train from the bride’s family home to the groom’s one. The bride is taken there in traditional palanquin. The procession stops at the door and the bride is welcomed. The wedding ceremony includes the vows of the bride and the groom to each other, gratitude to the earth and heaven, and respect to the parents. Red color is honored in China as the color of love and joy and is very important for the wedding day. Both the bride and the groom wear red shoes. During the wedding ceremony the bride and the groom sip wine from the cups tied together with red lace.

Marco Douglas