Sample New Year Speech

Dear colleagues and guests! It’s time we said goodbye to the year of 2008 that very soon will become our history. But before we greet the year of 2009, I would like all of us to recall our achievements, of which many will contribute to our sustained business growth. We are a small branch of a huge pharmaceutical company. We are only five years old. Most of us pioneered new attitudes to healthcare in this country. The secret of our branch’s success is our focus on people and values. We depend on employer-sponsored insurance and state-run Medicaid programs for much of our revenues. Due to the new state-run programs launched in 2008, we were able to lower the price of drugs and deliver high quality products. Our market share has increased, although we are still less competitive than J & J. Our goal is to sell locally produced drugs to provide our consumers with cheaper analogues of costly foreign drugs. The support of our government, despite the financial crisis, helps us achieve this goal in the nearest future. I am happy to say that we are well positioned for the future. We are planning to open a new drugstore in the north of the country. We are planning to promote a new drug that will help those who suffer from high blood pressure. We are launching a new anti-pain program. We are extending our presence in the south of the country. I am sure we will continue seizing all competitive advantages of our focus on domestically produced drugs. These drugs are much cheaper and not less effective than the ones advertised by our chief competitor, J & J. As the standards of life are not expected to be high in 2009, the development of our home pharmaceutical industry is one of the urgent problems. We are ready to cooperate with our government and we hope to arrive at mutual understanding. I love being here tonight, with your families sharing our success. I want to thank all of you, dear guests, for your support. It is so meaningful to us because in business we depend on many factors. I know, dear guests, how lonely you feel sometimes when we are at work and you are patiently waiting us for dinner. We are often on business trips establishing our network throughout the country. But all this is not a big sacrifice, due to your understanding, because we have results, because we are successful, because you are always by our side. Peter’s wife Liana is of great help to us. Marina’s husband Andrei has become a member of our team. His ideas and advice are valuable. Rita’s sister Nadya is engaged to our driver Sasha. We are a family, and this feeling is great. What can we expect from the coming year? I wish we had stability. I wish we made steady progress. I wish we continued providing our consumers with high quality medical care at low costs. I wish all of us were healthy and wealthy. It’s time to rest and to have fun. May you have a bright and prosperous 2009 New Year filled with all good blessings! Happy New Year!

Marco Douglas