Retirement/Farewell Speech

Definition A retirement speech focuses on the contribution of the person to the organization or society.


1. The introduction integrates the person into the organization or society as one of the many whose impact on their development was enormous. 2. The body of the speech. 2.1. A brief account of the person’s employment. 2.2. Emphasis on personal achievements. 2.3. Emphasis on personal attributes. 2.4. The person’s influence on other people involved. 3. The conclusion: Happy retirement! Topics/basic concepts A good occasion to speak about the organization or society from the perspective of an individual life. Basic concepts: devotion, hard work, leadership skills, persistence, admiration, mutual respect, friendship, reliability, high qualifications, and the like, depending on the person’s interests and specialty.


The speaker extends congratulations at reaching the special milestone at the end of the person’s career. The speech emphasizes the person’s accomplishments and dwells upon the challenge of retirement.

Marco Douglas