Sample Informative Speech

Did you know that during the first six months of 2004, approximately 200 million birds died or were destroyed in attempt to stop the pandemic of avian influenza (5)? Did you hear that United Nations coordinator, Dr David Nabarro, estimated the number of possible human casualties as 5-150 million people? Are you aware that since its discovery in the 1990-ies the avian flu has been contracted by more than 100 people, and one half of them died (6)? Such figure may appear too abstract for us, as well as the avian flu itself raging somewhere on the other side of the world. In our corner of the world everything is fine, most of us love chicken meat, and are not going to deny ourselves a Mac Chicken on week-ends. But the eye-opener for us all is the fact that the avian flu epidemic is much closer to America than it seems. If it strikes, no one listening to this speech will be immune, and “there won’t be Tamiflu or hospital beds for everybody”, the officials say (6). So my thesis is that the only way of prevention of an avian flu epidemic in the USA is inoculation. The vaccine was synthesized by the National Institutes of Health, and it creates a protective immunity in the human organism in two rounds of inoculation (6). The truth is that it won’t cure an infected individual, but it will prevent a disease. At the moment there is no treatment for the human modification of the avian flu. The medication called “Tamilflu”, elaborated by Roche Pharmaceutical in Switzerland, can only “slow the ability of the virus to overwhelm your body and make lots of copies of itself and that buys you time to develop appropriate immunity and kill it off”, if taken in the first 36 hours (6). All in all, isn’t it more appropriate to inoculate yourself against a lethal disease and minimize the chance of its contraction than resorting to Tamilflu to slow down the infection? The US government has already purchased some six million doses of vaccination, so if you apply for vaccination at his very moment, you are most likely to be inoculated. I highly advise that you take care of yourself right now. The global matters are actually in the hands of every individual. If everyone will be immune to the disease, the pandemic won’t break in. You just need to be inoculated in order to prevent an infection that can kill 150 million people. Your future and the future of the United States depend on your choice. Choose life before it is too late. Choose vaccination. Thank you.

Marco Douglas