Sample Team Speech: Project Completion

Person 1: With deepest appreciation we accept this honor to speak on behalf of our team that has successfully fulfilled a two-year project.

Person 2: I would like to thank our CEO Mr. Jonathan Brown for his support during these two hard years. I hope that our team has lived up to your expectations.

Person 1: We have shown that we can manage our team business for the long term. It is a great pleasure to know that all our efforts were not in vain. We have hopes of a new marketer’s agreement that will position us well in future.

Person 2: Our team performance in 2007-2008 is evidence of sustained profitable growth.

Person 1: I agree that we have worked as reliable team members, full of ideas that we wanted to realize by combined efforts.

Person 2: While working on the project, many of us enhanced our leadership skills. We all remember how important was Jack Stevens’ decision to introduce improvements in the equipment that increased our revenues. Thank you, Jack, for your bravery and talents. Your contribution was invaluable. Mary Stone began work in our team just before we had started the project. We even argued a lot whether she would be able to become an asset to our team or not. We confided in her. Today, she has proved to be one of the most devoted team members. Mary wants to continue her studies at university. We are all supporting her and wish her all the best. Mike Stuart, Rod White, Brian Gascoigne – I thank you all for long hours spent together, for devotion to our team work, for your generosity in sharing your skills with younger members of the team. It was a great pleasure to work with you. I am pleased to announce that Brian has been promoted to the post of senior engineer: so much his participation in the project was appraised by the board of directors.

Person 1: I thank all our team members for your business and express sincere appreciation for the pleasant association I enjoy with you.

Person 2: Our team has actively participated in the company’s innovative projects. Innovative product planning and the attainment of manufacturing excellence are a corporate commitment of the highest priority. You may be assured of our continuing dedication with the purpose of achieving the best quality and performance. I am sure that now we have a much better understanding of the secrets of team work.

Person 1: The success of the project would not have been possible without valued support of the whole company. We felt your confidence in us, and we had been working hard to realize your hopes. We felt how important this professional growth was to us, how much it would mean to each of us personally.

Person 2: I have mixed feelings, to tell the truth. On the one hand, the project is over and, the task fulfilled, our team may also become a history. On the other hand, we’re planning a new project, we are ardently discussing it, and we want to go on working together.

Person 1: We’ve become friends. I like this hearty atmosphere that warmed me a lot. I have no relatives in this city but I never felt lonely because my colleagues invited me to their homes, we kept many holidays together, and in summer we even went on holiday together, as one team. I appreciate this rare opportunity so much.

Person 2: I hope that we will be able to climb up career ladder together, preserving this wonderful spirit of competitive cooperation, when, like Dumas’ musketeers, we all for one.

Person 1: I thank you again for your efforts in achieving our organization’s goals.

Person 2: I wish all of us new achievements in fulfilling our noble tasks.

Both: Thank you for attention.

Marco Douglas