Student Council Speech: Key Challenges

Main challenges and solutions

Main challenges while writing the student council speech are related to the sphere of both writing and presentation. There are several major challenges which all “writers” usually face. Challenges and solutions to them are provided below.

Start writing. This problem is rather widespread among the students. It means that students cannot concentrate on the speech writing. Despite this problem may seem minor, in fact it is of the utmost importance – concentration and inspiration can hardly be found in front of working TV-set, or during your baby-sitting experience. So, the solution is to prepare for the writing like to the performance of some rite – for instance, turkey eating on Thanksgiving Day.

Leave everything behind and focus your attention on the sheet of blank paper. Even if you have nothing in your head which can be written, try to write, the inspiration will come in the process. Your obligation is to be enthusiastic about your future post. You should be prepared in terms of additional information and patterns of some student council speech. Sit and think, and you’ll find some interesting idea for your speech.

Know exactly what you’ll say and how. Imagine that all people in front of you are your best friends and relatives, who wish you the best and want you to succeed. The only advice – this fantasy should be envisaged some time before your speech, maybe even the day before.

Disposition of the audience to you.
Attract the attention of the audience and be natural. Smile when it is appropriate, joke, turn your face to different part of the audience from time to time. Look as if it is absolutely natural to you to communicate with people holding the floor. This naturalness is interpreted as confidence.

Address to some familiar person in the audience. Take your amulet with you; if you still don’t have such, create it: you can take any small stone and endow it with superior power. The main solution here is to pass the buck to some superior power, whether it is God, angels or natural forces.

The greatest speech is one written by yourself. It is inspired and heartfelt. Certainly, some hint from other people can help, but nevertheless, only you know better what you should say to your voters. Make logical, impressive and brief speech – and you’ll win.

Marco Douglas