Wedding Planning: Photo and Video

Photo and Video Memory may be unreliable media for the information storing. Photo and video may become more supportive and long-lasting methods for memories saving. However conservative and unreasonable it may seem, but it can be suggested that if your budget is limited, and you want to spare, you can do this abandoning video filming. Although video is also memory about this day, it cannot surpass photo in intimacy, emotional warmth and space for imagination, which can turn your wedding experience into the real fairy tale with the lapse of time. Must-have moments are of great significance for you wedding photo album. The point is that this wedding will happen only once, and it will be very sad if some moments will be missed. The magic of photo cannot be disputed, that’s why the challenge of missing traditional photos can be solved in the following way. Remind your photographer of the photos you want to have necessarily. They include: common photo with all invited; photo of the bride, groom and their parents; groom and his parents; bride and her parents; bride with flower girls; bride’s dressing in; groom’s dressing in; photo of father and bride heading for the altar; rings exchanging; the first kiss of husband and wife; and the first dance of the newlyweds. These are traditional photos, and should be made, so that later you don’t regret about the missed opportunity to see the shot of you and you parents made at such remarkable day. Wedding photos also reflect your personality, so don’t forget to discuss the style of the shots with your photographer. The same concerns video.

Marco Douglas