Wedding Planning: Restaurant and Catering

Restaurant and Catering It is highly recommended that you use the complete catering service at your wedding. This is necessary condition for the smooth servicing of the guests. Ordering food in the restaurant should be accomplished at least one week in advance so that the restaurant could prepare for this event and buy all necessary products. Quality and quantity are main factors which should be paid particular attention when speaking of food and drinks. Quality is put on top, quantity is also essential: it is better to have something left after the party than to become short of something in the midst of the wedding party. Catering service will really help, because quality servicing is the part of the ideal wedding. In order to impress your guests, don’t forget to order fantastic food carving service which can turn you party into the visit to museum (in its best meaning). Thus you can demonstrate your guests you really thought of them and prepared to invite your best guests at the best wedding. Other impressive items may include some romantic ice sculptures of swans, bride and groom’s figures, and so on. Cake representing some significant event form the life of the couple (acquaintance, first date) can also be a surprise.

Marco Douglas