Wedding Planning: Selection of Wedding Rings

Selection of Wedding Rings Selection of wedding rings is a significant part of the preparation for wedding. Rings are not just adornments, they have more mystical functions. They mean the oath of fidelity of two people to each other. The form of the ring – closed circle – also has underlying meaning: it is the symbol of the eternity – the period, during which bride and groom swore to be together There are two challenges concerning the selection of the wedding ring: its shape and appearance, which correspondingly influence the cost. Some couples consider the ring to be of the utmost importance and want it to be the most luxurious and staggering than any other wedding ring. The boundary of the luxury depends on the solvency of the future husband and wife. The countermeasure to such vanity and simultaneously the solution to this challenge is another view on the situation. In fact, ring is just a symbol, and it is rather unreasonable to consider the cost of the ring as the measure of love. The excessive size of the ring or its adornments (precious stones) rather demonstrates the lack of self-confidence and uncertainty about the strength of the feelings than the abundance of one’s heart. Excess here means the ring which is likely to be seen from the space – they are inconvenient and too vulgar. There is an opinion that such rings compensate for the inferiority complex of the couple. However, iron wedding ring is inappropriate in today’s civilized society as well. There are certain norms of wedding ring selection. As a rule, it is golden (rarely silver) or platinum, of medium thickness and exclusive design. Thus, the selection of the weeding ring can even emphasize the values of the future family: if it is fine, but not very flashy, inner human qualities will be paid more attention. On the contrary, if the expensiveness of the ring is especially emphasized, then the surface polish (appearance) will be put to the foreground. This also means that people are particularly dependent on the public opinion. However, the final decision as for the wedding ring is made by the couple, and young people should plan this purchase within the limits of their budget. Besides other challenges of more practical nature there are the following:

1) Knowing your finger size
Solutions: a) The jeweler can help you. b) Buy the ring sizer and measure it yourself – better in the end of the day, the sizer has to slide without an effort.

2) Diamond choice
Solution: Mention 4 Cs: cut, carat, clarity, color.

3) Wedding ring design
Solutions: a) Consider your life: active lifestyle will not allow you to wear prominent and luxurious wedding ring constantly – but it is the sense of this ring, so think on it. Maybe, low and simple but elegant ring will be the best choice. b) People who have to demonstrate their wellbeing due to the peculiarities of their profession can have high and inconvenient but very “talking” rings.

4) Wedding ring exclusiveness
Solutions: a) Develop the design of your ring and order its realization. b) If you have some ring from your grandmother or other close relative, it is very exclusive, so take it as the baton of happy family life (if your grandmother lived happily).

Marco Douglas