Wedding Present Guide: Wedding Gift Reception Pitfalls

Wedding Gift Reception Pitfalls Besides the wedding gift list, there is also a tendency to use the service provided by some expensive shops. The bride and the groom purchase all they need for their future life together, and the manager of the shop comprises the list of what they bought. Thus, the guests have an opportunity to pay off for this. Information about this is recorded by the manager, and is later provided to the couple. Although this method is very practical, as it allows avoiding unwanted presents and their reception, it may be considered offensive by some conservative guests, as it significantly limits their freedom of choice. Besides, your list of purchased things should be very extensive, and again, it is impossible that everyone remains satisfied. So, this method should better be avoided. Wedding gifts tradition includes the reception of wedding presents, which may be a real test for your artistic talents. When the reception of presents happens straight at the wedding (there is such script or the wedding organized in such way), it is traditionally accepted that money are handed over to the groom, while flowers and other presents are handed over to the bride. If there is an opportunity, the presents should be opened at once, if there is no such opportunity, then they are given to the bridesmaid, and will be opened later. It is the recipient’s responsibility to display the importance and appropriateness of the present, because it is implied that the presenter spent time, effort and money to give a present. This can also include timely thanking for it with the card (if the presents were opened after the wedding), further mentioning how useful it is in your household and presenting it to the present-giver each time he/she comes to your house. This means that if the person presented you with china which you don’t like and have hidden it in the garret, it is high time to take it to the living room when this person comes. Thus you will make your guest happy and demonstrate your kind attitude.

Marco Douglas