Wedding Speeches: Honor Maid Speech

Traditionally, the “best man” is a male role. Nevertheless, today there is a clear trend for the bride’s close friend and honor attendant (Honor Maid/Matron) to greet and toast the newlyweds along with her male counterpart. Honor Maid’s speech is not mandatory and this gives her relative freedom to design her toast and schedule its presentation. Honor Maid can either speak after the best man or join him as a comaster in the form of a two-person show. Honor Maid’s speech is structurally bound to this of the best man but she has several options to choose of when creating her image for the wedding ceremony. For instance, she can be as hilarious as the best man and adapt her speech to the same task to “humiliate” newlyweds and wittily dwell upon drawbacks they share: “I can tell you that Erin and Michael really are like two halves of the same soul – they share so much in common. They both like to cook, ski, jog, camp, sail, listen to jazz and collect antique furniture. And they also are two of the biggest slobs on the planet. All I can tell you is I really pity their cleaning person”. Speaking about years of tender friendship with the bride, Honor Maid is free to add a touch of self-irony as follows: “I’m not sure what started our friendship, maybe it was just that I liked the melodious sounds of “Jan and Shan”, or maybe that we’ve always looked somewhat alike and have the same demeanor I mean – we’re both petite and we’re both obnoxious!” An entertaining speech is always welcome at the wedding reception but unlike the best man, Honor Maid is not obliged to make her greeting piece explicitly humorous, ironical or so. She can be sentimental and poetic and fully enjoy her creativity. A dancing performance, a beautiful original poem, and a song will contribute to the unique atmosphere of the day.

Marco Douglas