Wedding Speeches: Sample Bride Speech

Dear parents, dear husband, dear friends and relatives,

You have all been so kind to me that I can hardly know what words to pick to express my gratitude for you. I was very glad to see all my close people at the today’s wedding party. Thank you for coming and sharing my great day. My father’s and Ricky’s speeches nearly moved me to tears. My dear, thank you for your love and care, I appreciate it more than words can convey.

My family has always stood by my side, and I always knew who would help and back me up whatever the case, be it a homework in math, entrance to the university or selection of the wedding gown. I am especially grateful to my mother, my greatest friend for all times, for her understanding and wisdom. She seemed to understand me even when I myself hardly did, and could always find such words that would offer me a sound view of the situation and give hope for the better. I would also like to say thanks to my dad. For me he was always the source of stability, confidence and family warmth. Dad gave me the feeling of assurance, for I knew he would always stand for me and love me as his daughter, no matter what happened – even my first interest to IT showed up in breaking down his favorite home PC.

Joking apart, I am very grateful to my parents, because they presented me with a unique gift: the awareness that you are loved not because you are beautiful, clever, perspective or rich – you are loved as you are, and will be loved irrespective of anything.

Moreover, my parents have always been an example of a perfect wedlock for me, when two people live together every day and still have time to treasure each other’s company and nurture the love that brought them together. It took me long years to come to understanding of such relationship and feel ready to start a family based on love, as you did some 23 years ago at this very altar. So I am very happy to have your example in my mind today, when Rick and I have officially linked our lives to create a family hearth.

Rick, I’d like to say again how much I cherish every day spent with you, all your support and affection. It seems to me now that I’ve always known him, for most of my adult life passed with Ricky by my side, always ready to accompany me, set me laughing or hug me and say how he loved me. I know that there is absolutely nothing that he won’t do for me, and nothing I wouldn’t do for him. He filled these seven years with an unforgettable feeling of mutual affection, and I can hardly imagine my life without his daily calls, his incessant care and his visits to my place, even if afterwards I found the freeze practically empty, and the desktop of PC full of labels to games and Internet chat-rooms. Well, what are these trifles to a true love like that between us? I love you, my dear husband, and I am fortunate to have found you. I step into this marriage with a light and happy heart, I am holding your hand fast and I know that we will overcome everything.

Lizzy, thank you for being my friend for more than ten years, and more recently – for helping me to go through the pre-marriage preparations, and patiently listening to all the wedding vents whenever they arose – even in the middle of the night, offering a piece of advice and helping to plan everything.

Thanks to the guests for coming to the party. Please enjoy yourselves and let me propose a toast to you, who share this great day with me and make it unforgettably warm and agreeable.

Marco Douglas