Wedding Anniversaries

Wedding Anniversaries Wedding anniversaries is an old tradition which was initiated somewhere in the Middle Ages, but was marked with celebrating only the twenty fifth and the fiftieth anniversary. On these days the husband put the wreath of silver or gold on his wife’s head, thus crowning her. Wedding anniversaries are very popular today and besides are very useful, because they solve the problem of a present at least for a half. As far as there are different variants of the wedding anniversaries, we’ll consider the one presented by the librarians of the Chicago Public Library in 2000. The name of each anniversary symbolizes something, like the strength of the diamond, for instance, or the frailty of paper. The key aim of presents for anniversary is the symbolizing of celebration.

Year Anniversary Title Flower Possible Presents
1st Paper Carnation Tickets, vouchers, letter, poems, books etc.
2nd Cotton Lily of the valley Pillows, cotton clothes
3rd Leather Sunflower (fuchsia) Leather wallet and other things of leather
4th Linen Hydrangea (geranium) Bed clothes, underwear
5th Wood Daisies Carved wooden ware with engraved wishes, romantic trip to the woods
6th Iron Calla Candlestick, frame
7th Wool Freesia Woolen clothes
8th Bronze Lilac (clematis) Candlestick, frame, bronze medal
9th Pottery Bird of paradise (poppies) Stylish ceramics
10th Tin Daffodil Gemstones, especially diamonds
11th Steel Tulip (morning glory) Stylish jewelry
12th Silk Peony Silk lingerie, linen
13th Lace Chrysanthemum (Hollyshock) Lace; Trip to Bruges, the motherland of lace manufacture
14th Ivory Dahlia Gifts of ivory color (car, telephone), or something resembling it
15th Crystal Rose Crystal glasses, champagne, millions of roses all over the house
16th Topaz Topaz jewelry
17th Amethyst Amethyst beads
18th Garnet Garnets; vacations in Prague – home of these stones
19th Aquamarine Bath accessories, trip to the seaside
20th China Aster (day lily) China figures to start the collection
21st Brass, nickel Some trifles of brass or copper to remember (office table with funny inscription)
15th Copper Some trifles of brass or copper to remember (office table with funny inscription)
23rd Silver plate Silver plate
25th Silver Iris Silver jewelry, frame, candlestick, silver wreath for a wife
30th Pearl Lily (sweet pea) Pearl beads, bracelet or other. Trip to the sea, diving trainings
35th Coral Red coral, weekend at the sea, cruise
40th Ruby Gladiolus (nasturtiums) Ruby wine, ruby rose, ruby jewelry
45th Sapphire Blue, yellow, red, pink sapphires; beautiful bouquet
50th Gold Yellow roses and violets Golden wreath for a wife, like in medieval Germany – to symbolize gratitude and harmony; golden rings with engravings
55th Emerald Trip to an Ireland, or “emerald” ocean
60th Diamond Diamond jewelry
70th Platinum Platinum eternity rings
75th Diamond Declaration of eternal love

Traditionally, decade is a sufficient time for living together, so that the couple can celebrate their first victory over time. So, it is not necessary to present your beloved with the set of tin ware – any precious stones will be appropriate and better. Twelfth and a half anniversary is especially honored in the Kingdom of Denmark, as far as it is the half of the twenty fifth anniversary. So, relatives and friends prepare the arch of spruce, but it is only half ready – it will be ended on the day of the silver anniversary. Decorated with lights and flowers, this half-arch is hanged over your door. Fifteenth and twentieth anniversaries are essential to celebrate them with friends and relatives. The seventy fifth anniversary is again the second diamond anniversary – maybe because the diamond is the strongest of all stones, just like your love and devotion.

It seems striking, but there is 100-anniversary: recently it was suggested by the couple Agayevy from Azerbaijan – long-livers Niftulla (126 years old) and his wife Balabeim (116 years old) have lived together for one hundred years. However, there is no official title for such anniversary. Maybe, because of its exclusive rareness.

Marco Douglas