Sample Acceptance Speech: Accepting High School Hall of Fame Nomination

Dear friends, juniors and seniors, I am deeply honored with the nomination into my high school hall of fame. I have graduated from school 27 years ago, in 1982. Yes, it was long ago, but most of the time I was connected with my university. First, I have been involved into life of the high school as the member of the alumni group giving the award, and now, as the recipient of the award. This award is the recognition of my achievements and you can only imagine how important it is to me. I’ve dedicated my professional life to business and community service. Now I can say that I’m happy with the way I’ve chosen. It gives me satisfaction with all I do. Business sphere is full of challenges, the overcoming of which is so exciting and victorious! I wish to experience this feeling of your power and strength when you understand that this fight has been won. There are certain principles which I follow in my business activities: the principles of fair play, honest competition and teamwork. Community service makes me feel satisfied because in such way I can help people. I choose wealthy, healthy and happy life for me and my family. The laws of mutual aid, fairness and loving attitude to everything in my life help me to succeed. For example, today I am standing in front of you and I love it! I am extremely happy to greet you and be awarded! I wish you some day experience the same. Remembering my old school days I recall that every teacher assumed that students have nothing else to do except study for that teacher’s course. Be patient! Teachers are also people, in fact they are honorable and respected people, though sometimes they fail to understand their students. So, you have to cope with this somehow. I am sure that today you think this is a real challenge because you can’t find enough time to enjoy your personal life. You search for the methods to find that happy medium between your studies and your personal life. This is hardly accomplishable. One of my school friends became a bookworm, eliminating parties and dances from his life. In the end of our school days he regretted missed opportunities to enjoy life as it is. Another friend completely forgot about studying – he enjoyed every second of his life, spending it everywhere but school. In the end he was frustrated because no matter they may say, school certificate is a necessary document. I saw the eyes of my friends and envy was there, because I tried to be in the middle in such matters. So, sometimes you have to choose. Of course, I won’t agitate you for studying days and nights. But please, be reasonable and always strive to make the best of yourself. Elbert Hubbard told that “One machine can do the work of fifty ordinary men, but no machine can do the work of one extraordinary man”. I realize that he meant another machine, but I’ll mention you PCs. Don’t let them do everything for you. Develop your mind, get new knowledge and skills. Only thus you would have the chance to become extraordinary person. Also, I know what does the peer pressure means. I just want to say here the following: “The man who follows a crowd will never be followed by a crowd” (R.S. Donnell). Think about it and choose, because it is your life and no one will make decisions for you. Those challenges are critical for you today, as well as your relationships with friends, families and the surrounding. But you should be prepared to face real life challenges. They can be really difficult and only your strength, will and stamina will help you to overcome these difficulties. Be motivated and inspired! Be prepared to both happy and sad events; be prepared to easy ways and to obstacles! Remember, that he who does not make mistakes, does not live actually. But I suggest you think in advance about the potential outcome of your mistake. Be clever, witty, and strong! The best of you will be awarded by our high school! See you in several years at this stage. Thank you and good luck!

Marco Douglas