Wedding Planning: Ceremony Speech

Wedding Speeches Wedding speech is an important part of any ceremony. Like any speech, it sums up the relationships between people, expresses wishes of happiness to the newly married, and reminds of some remarkable life events. There are several types of traditional wedding speeches: Father of the Bride’s speech, Groom’s speech, Best Man speech, Bride’s speech, Maid of Honor speech. Certainly, these speeches are considered usual only for the Western world weddings, because different cultures provide for the various wedding ceremonies. However, we will concentrate on the traditional western weddings. Father of the bride’s speech is traditionally considered to be the introducing speech which opens the party. It is thus the most important one, because it gives tone to the whole evening. Father can create the atmosphere of stateliness, emotional warmth and festive mood with his speech. Eye contact with each guest is essential because in such way each guest will feel the attention of the master of the evening. In his speech the father of the bride thanks the guests for coming and speaks about the couple. Particularly, as a rule, it is a tradition that fathers remember some funny or touching events from their daughter’s childhood. And here is the challenge: these memories can be unpleasant for the daughter (bride) and even for groom. Therefore, it is obligatory for a father to have the sense of tact. Otherwise, certain controversies between “generations” can arise later. This is especially relevant if the bride is some great and honored professional, while for her father she remains just a little girl; thus his memories become inappropriate in front of her friends and colleagues. Next comes the Groom’s speech, which is predominantly the thanks to all: to guests for their presence and cordial feelings, to the father of the bride for his daughter and favor, to people who helped managing the wedding ceremony, to his wife for her love and excellent choice. At last, the groom raises his glass to bridesmaids – and this is a signal to the best man’s speech. The best man’s speech is the speech of the old faithful friend, who knows the groom well, and is expected to become the friend of the young family. The best man characterizes the groom, and may provide unexpected facts from the groom’s biography; however, it would be better to familiarize the groom with the content of the speech so that no unpleasant surprises are possible. In contrast to the father of the bride’s speech, the best man’s speech is expected to be more humorous and funny. The best man’s speech may be somewhat piquant, but at the same time he should avoid vulgarity. The speech of the maid of honor is similar to the best man’s speech, especially if we look at the role these people play in the lives of the newlywed: in the majority of cases they are the best friends to the newly married. Honor maid’s speech is not obligatory at the wedding. The bride’s speech is considered to be relatively new element of the wedding ceremony, and here one can see the vague allusion to the feminist mood. Nevertheless, there is no even a hint on some bellicosity, because brides use all their imagination and creativity to have the best speech ever spoken. Brides are not so limited with traditional views as for the content of the speech, and therefore, their task is more interesting, but more difficult at the same time. Besides, it can be suggested that bride and groom stand up and toast together, either having two separate but associated speeches, or reducing them to the form of the dialogue. This will vivify the evening and make it more extraordinary.

Marco Douglas