National Wedding Traditions: UAE Wedding

UAE Wedding Traditions Traditional wedding season in UAE is February – this is because December is marked with official state celebrations, January is full of tourists, while February is still free. The wedding day in UAE is a special day which is financed correspondingly. It is full of luxury, affluence and abundance. This day is particularly important for brides, as far as according to the Muslim religion, they should wear black yashmak in public, which leaves no space for “showing off”. This day she is a queen. The wedding gown is worn only once a life, but it should be the greatest one anybody has ever seen. It is made of expensive fabrics, embroidered with the images of peacocks, butterflies; in gold, crystal, and diamonds. Wedding gown is one of the largest expenses for wedding; the cost of wedding gown is claimed to reach near $140000. The reception party is conducted twice: one for men and another for women. Men’s party takes place in special marquees; anyone can attend this party. Food is in abundance, but no alcohol according to Muslim traditions. The women’s party is attended only by those who are invited; men are never allowed. The main peculiarity of this reception is gorgeous ornamentations of interior. Special stage is constructed for the bride. The bride can choose the color of her gown, and sometimes she makes this in order to make others gasp with surprise. Red or even green color can make impression on guests. Some women can start the party in black gown, and then change into a queen. Official invitations are very special and expensive items of expenditure. They can be written on silk, satin, gilded paper; they are put into caskets, glass and crystal vessels. Moreover, as the aim of invitation is “remembrance”, sometimes expensive presents are added. The text of invitation usually begins with the citation from Koran or poetic lines. Then the families of the bride and the groom are named. Special requirements to guests can be also expressed.

Marco Douglas