Wedding Planning: Choice of Vehicle

Choice of Vehicle Choice of vehicle may become an interesting experience. Who told that only limousines (or any other expensive cars) are welcomed at the wedding? It is likely that you choose some alternative vehicle. This will make you wedding really exclusive and more reminding of the fairy tale, where the bride is Cinderella, and the groom is her prince. The choice of vehicle depends essentially on the personalities of the bride and the groom and on general idea of their wedding. If the wedding is traditional, then besides car, horsed carriage may be used. If the wedding is alternative – for instance, wedding ceremony under the water or in the air, you will definitely use alternative vehicles – boat (yacht, ship) or airplane. Thus, the best way to choose the vehicle is to consider the type of your wedding and based on this form your preferences in everything. If it is traditional, or maybe even retro, then all aspects of the wedding should be traditional as well.

Marco Douglas