Wedding Present Guide: Top Five Inappropriate Presents

Top Five Inappropriate Presents 1. Money, in many cases: either when the money is received from close friends/relatives, or when the money is presented to people who are rich enough. 2. Statuette of an obscure sculptor, especially if it is too small or too big – both are inappropriate. The statuette will be definitely a great dust collector. 3. Composition of balloons or flowers – both options will be present at wedding in excess, so your present may go unnoticed. 4. Strip show – you may want to be extraordinary, and order strip show for your friends, but don’t you forget that besides you and them, there will also be crowds of people, including parents, old grannies and maybe boss. Don’t provoke an awkward situation. 5. Animals – if the couple (both of them) has not expressed such desire, this present will definitely be unwanted, especially if they don’t like animals or have problems with dwelling.

Marco Douglas