Wedding Planning: Invitation of Guests

Invitation of Guests The invitation of guests is the first impression which your guests will obtain from your wedding. Therefore, you should thoroughly plan whom you will invite to your wedding and prepare the complete guests’ list. For the most part, the challenge of invitation cards is the challenge of etiquette and organizational issues.

The design of invitation cards depends on the formality of event: the less formal it is, the more creative the cards can be. However, there are traditional forms of writing an invitation card and they can be found in Wedding Invitation Etiquette Guide – detailed tips on invitation cards’ etiquette; Wedding Paper – useful information on wedding invitations.

Other challenges may include the invitation of people who are likely to spoil the evening because of some confrontation – almost any family has such opposing parties. However, this problem may be neutralized if you just seat them in different corners of the hall and will be tactful not to remind of their conflict.

Marco Douglas