Wedding Present Guide: Present Guide for a Guest

Present Guide for a Guest Wedding present is really a headache for any invitee. Fortunately, there are a lot of services which can help to make such important decision: – china porcelain, shipping services to USA;

Antiques Off Broadway – excellent antique porcelain from German. If you want to give something really special – remember something from your time spent together with the couple (maybe, weekend, vacations etc.), and what did they talk about. As a rule, it is enough just to listen to other people’s dreams, ideas and desires to invent the best present for them. If they dreamt about their future walking trips or cycle tours, you can present them with the tent or bicycles. In the accompanying card you can write: “It’s only half of the present. The second half is your desire and inner drive. Be strong, healthy and love each other”. This present will be remembered and singled out of other presents. The best choice in case if you don’t know much about the bride and the groom will be the present which can be appropriate for anyone under any circumstances. It is a tradition in many countries, which is dictated by the common sense: the future bride and groom make up the lists of the most desirable presents for their wedding day. These presents have different cost, so there is a choice for guests with different financial possibilities. In such way, guests ease their life, while the future newlyweds avoid the possession of five microwave ovens, fifteen chinaware sets, and ten bedclothes of the same color. Therefore, the list will benefit both sides. Wedding Gift List may include: – china (white, green, blue; small cups, big teapot – mention all the details to benefit all sides); – kitchen machine, microwave oven, refrigerator, TV-set, computer, etc.; – silver plate; – answering machine; – various trifles which won’t be bought by the couple, like tray with electro heating; – bed clothes (summer, warm, traditional white or sexual black and silk etc.); – antique things which are at the same time useful (chest); – certain painting by certain artist; – counterpane with heating; – orthopedic mattress; – embroidered hand-made picture (especially if by the guest himself/herself) and other beautiful hand-made things; – rocking chair; – even telescope – if it will be interesting for the couple. It is important to know whether the bride and the groom are superstitious, because some presents have concealed meaning and may be interpreted as the bad wish. It will also be useful to learn about the national traditions of each of the couple. For example, in some countries (Russia, Japan) it is inappropriate to present people with the clock – this means that you wish them near death; presenting a mirror may mean future quarrel with the couple. If you are not sure whether this present is appropriate from this point of view, it is better to consult with the future present-takers or their relatives/friends. Also, the etiquette provides that you are not obliged to give the wedding present if you didn’t take part in it. At last, the present which may be very desirable and practical but is not included into the wedding gifts list. It is money. The money should be presented in an open envelope (if handed over directly at the wedding); the sum should not be small; notes are to be new and not crumpled.

Marco Douglas