Wedding Speech: Presentation Techniques

A wedding speech is presented in a very emotional atmosphere and a speaker should learn some elementary techniques to make his/her speech lucid and easy to understand. First, a wedding speech should be committed to paper and read aloud to regulate its pitch, tempo and delivery manner. One should remember, there are factors of the room physic, which can influence the presentation. These are the size of the place and the number of people available. Before speaking in public, one can need some emotional training and self-regulation. In particular, pre-wedding diaphragm gymnastics has a positive effect on one’s spiritual and intellectual balance.

Second, while speaking, one should take control over his/her body language. The body weight should be disposed equally on both feet because a good bearing is a sign of self-confidence and being at ease. The genre of the wedding speech does not give one any particular freedom of movement. Therefore, eye contact is a valuable tool to communicate with the audience. A wedding speaker should not concentrate his/her sight upon a distinct face or spot. Instead, eyes should be moving slowly from one attendant to another in order to make them all feel involved. While looking back and forth, one should think about the audience and try to react to their emotions.

Marco Douglas