Wedding Speeches: Groom Speech

In his speech, the father of the bride traditionally describes highly positive qualities, which make his daughter and his new son-in-law such a harmonic married couple. Conversely, the speech of the groom mostly contains courteous expressions of gratitude. According to the wedding etiquette, a bridegroom should first thank the bride’s father for the toast and for support in organizing the wedding banquet (if necessary). Besides, a bridegroom should emphasize how much he appreciates friendship and integrity of his future father-in-law. Eventually, he should seriously or jokingly thank father of the bride for his daughter. After this, the groom can thank the guests for visiting the ceremony, for their gifts and good wishes. Special respect should be demonstrated to those who came to the wedding ceremony from remote places. In the following part of his speech, the groom gives thanks to people who practically helped manage the wedding reception and comes to a romantic scene of thanking his wife for choosing and marrying him. In fact, this is the only piece of his wedding speech, which gives room for individuality and creativity. The groom is encouraged to describe their first meeting and dwell upon activities, ideas and interests he shares with his beloved one. Mild humor and good-natured banter are highly appropriate. The bridegroom’s speech ends up with thanking bridesmaids for their assistance and paying a compliment to their charming looks and spiritual beauty. The toast “To bridesmaids” serves a notional transition to the speech of the best man who will speak on behalf of bridesmaids.

Marco Douglas